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Elden Ring fan turns Malenia into a Dungeons & Dragons boss

Mythic Malenia is here.

Elden Ring fans love FromSoftware’s latest game, and a lot of extra attention is given to Malenia, Blade of Miquella. Often considered the hardest boss in the game, she’s been the subject of many a fan creation, like a one-on-one duel with The Witcher’s Geralt of Rivia. Some Elden Ring players really want to see her ported into Sekiro, and while that’s not going to happen in an official capacity, you can drop her into your Dungeons & Dragons campaign now.

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That’s thanks to Reddit user A_Lovable_Gnome, who created a Malenia stat block for use in D&D Fifth Edition. It’s an inspired interpretation of the boss, turning her into a foe with a 26 Challenge Rating — the tabletop game usually tops out at 30, for comparison. All of her signature moves are there, including the anime-inspired Waterfowl Dance and the HP-steal that comes with every blow she lands. Mercifully, the Waterfowl Dance needs to recharge between uses.

What’s more, A_Lovable_Gnome makes smart use of Fifth Edition’s mythic mechanic, which essentially gives a boss a second phase once they hit low HP. This is how Malenia enters her Goddess of Rot form, at which point she can begin unleashing Rot attacks like Scarlet Aeonia. Altogether, it’s a very well-thought-out creation that would give any D&D party a serious challenge. Hopefully, someone is rolling as Let Me Solo Her.

D&D is a Wizards of the Coast property, and this isn’t the first time one of its products has been tied to Malenia. A few months ago, it was theorized that her aforementioned Scarlet Aeonia attack was inspired by a Magic: The Gathering Card called Sunpetal Grove. This fan-made stat block brings the fandom full circle in that case.

Malenia is sure to continue getting all sorts of adoration from Elden Ring fans. She’s hard enough to defeat normally, but some players have found new ways to take the challenge even further. One Twitch streamer even managed to beat her using a DDR dance pad.

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