Elden Ring players get a nasty surprise after summoning “Let Her Solo Me”

The ultimate exercise in reading comprehension.

Image via u/KleinTsuboiOW

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Elden Ring players witnessed the birth of a legend a few days ago after they discovered the existence of a heroic Tarnished named “Let Me Solo Her,” who could be summoned in to battle the hardest boss in the game one-on-one. The gimmick proved a huge hit, even spurring the creation of a modded-in spirit ash summon in the Jarnished’s likeness. There have been few pretenders to the throne since, but other players have started offering their own spin on the theme.

As discovered by Reddit user hegelypuff, there’s at least one Elden Ring player out there going by the name of “Let Her Solo Me.” Like Let Me Solo Her, you get pretty much exactly what it says on the tin with this particular jolly cooperator. Clad in the same get-up as the much-beloved Jarnished, Let Her Solo Me runs straight up to Malenia — and proceeds to immediately get slaughtered in just two hits.

It’s undeniably a pretty funny gag, though doubtless there are those who misread the username and wound up having a pretty bad time at the hands of Malenia. Still, it’ll be interesting to see what other variations crop up in the future. If someone called “Let Me Solo You” invades your game, it’s probably a good idea to start running.