You Can Download Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls: Blades Right Now, If You Have A Bethesda Account


Because most of us do have cellphones, we can now download The Elder Scrolls: Blades! In a tweet from the official Elder Scrolls Twitter account, Bethesda have announced that, as long as you have a Bethesda Account, you can download the game. Up until now, it has been in a limited access state, but now anyone with an Android or iOS phone can download and play.

This is the first time the world of The Elder Scrolls games has arrived on mobile, and given the potential size of the mobile market, it is not a shock to see Bethesda bringing one of their best-known products to the platform.

The game steps away from the open world nature of the other titles, focusing instead on interconnected environments. This is mostly down to the different nature of play on the mobile platform. You can’t really dedicate long hours to walking around a large world when you are hopping on a bus or waiting for a train. Instead, you want those quick hits of content and meaningful progression within a shorter space of time.

The game has come under a bit of criticism for its monetization methods, but Bethesda has stated this is something they are looking at, and balancing this area of the game is their next priority!

So, if you have a Bethesda account, and want a way to keep occupied while going about your day, The Elder Scrolls: Blades is now available, and may be worth some of your time.