Empoleon will learn Hydro Cannon if evolved during Pokemon Go’s Community Day

Piplup Pokemon on a phone screen on a background of ocean waves

Pokémon Go’s Community Days are one of the best aspects of the mobile Pokémon game. They bring players out in hoards and encourage otherwise sedentary gamers to walk around their local landmarks. Plus, that thrill when seeing the sparkle of a shiny Pokémon cannot be rivaled by other means.

For more competitive trainers, Pokémon featured in Community Days have the chance to learn more powerful signature moves, and according to Serebii, trainers that fully evolve Piplup during this months’ Community Day will have an Empoleon that knows Hydro Cannon.

Hydro Cannon is a powerful Water Type charge move that does 90 base damage. With two charges, it will shred through enemies that are weak to Water. Hydro Cannon isn’t the only benefit to the upcoming Community Day. Players will also see egg hatch times reduced, so get some incubators ready.

In order to fully evolve Piplup, you’ll need to first evolve it into its second stage, Prinplup, which will take 25 candies. Evolving Prinplup into Empoleon will take another 100 candies. If you happen to get multiple good Piplups, or perhaps multiple good shinies, and you want to evolve multiple ones, you could easily need hundreds of candies to pull it off.

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Luckily, Community Days cause their featured Pokémon to overspawn for the duration of the event. With the right berries and enough Poké Balls, you should have ample opportunity to gather candies for a couple of evolutions.

Pokémon Go’s Community Day begins Jan. 19 and will run from 11am to 2pm for the Northern Hemisphere and 3pm to 6pm for the Southern Hemisphere.