Epic Games Silently Launches Battle Breakers, a Hero-based RPG


Epic Games, the studio behind Fortnite and the Unreal Engine, is known to throw curveballs at their community members. Today, they quietly launched their turn-based hero-focused RPG title, Battle Breakers.

The game’s premise is aliens have invaded the world using crystals shot down from the sky and implanted them in the ground. These crystals were used to capture the heroes who protected everyone. Now, players need to free all those entrapped in the crystals and take back the planet.

At the start of a game, players break the white crystals in front of their team. They receive coins for each crystal they shatter, and they earn a multiplier for each one that does not spawn a monster.

When in combat, players rely on their hero’s elemental powers to fight against specific monsters. If a player attacks with a fire-based hero against a grass-based monster, they deal 50 percent more damage. A hero weak to a monster’s element is going to deal 50 percent less. There are five elements in total. Heroes can use a primary or special attack, and both choices force the hero to go on cooldown for a short time.

The player’s goal is to find a room key and stairwell underneath the correct crystals to proceed to the next level. Players are going to unlock new heroes along the way, refining their roster and greatest the strongest match up to face more fearsome opponents.

The game was first announced back in February 2017. There’s been little to no coverage of the game since then, and now Epic Games have officially launched it for free on the Epic Games Store for PC, Google Play for Android, and the Apple Store for iOS users.