Epic is working on a fix for Fortnite’s broken Jonesy the First quest

Another broken quest.

Image via Epic Games

The fun of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 has been somewhat marred for many players due to broken quests. A large part of how Fortnite keeps players engaged is by giving them an endless rotation of challenges that offer different rewards, including experience for their battle pass.

Currently, a quest from the Jonesy the First NPC is bugged, offering no rewards upon completion. Epic is aware of the issue, however, and is working on a fix. At the moment, it appears that the quest is in the game in error, as we have finished the full run of quests for Jonesy without this one appearing.

This is not the first quest to go wrong this season, as players are struggling with a rash of progression issues. There is a quest to set structures on fire that is not tracking for many players. Others are still stuck on the first set of Spire Challenges, as the Spire Amulet will not drop from Guardians, stalling their progress in that quest line completely.

It is understandably frustrating for players who are looking to progress in the game as much as they can, especially when many quests are simply one part in a chain of tasks players need to complete in order to progress.