Epic Working to Return Lost Star Wars Achievements in Fortnite


Fortnite’s recent Star Wars event gave people the change to get all kinds of skins, gliders, and achievements in the game. Like all events in the game, it ran for a limited time, but when it ended, players started to notice that their achievements had disappeared. Redditor Romulousvoid posted a thread after they spotted the issue, and the number of affected players quickly began to add up.

Fortunately, Epic is aware of the issue, according to a card on the Community Issues Trello board. While it is not a game-breaking bug by any means, it is very nice to be able to into the Career tab and check when you get all your achievements, like a living tribute to your time spent in the game. If you have noticed that your Star Wars achievements have gone missing, you need to sit tight while Epic work on the issue.

With the Star Wars event and Winterfest, coming to an end, you might be wondering what is next in Fortnite. The snow has begun to recede, and another mission will be opening tomorrow. Nobody is sure what the new mission will entail just yet, but it will hopefully provide us with plenty of challenges to keep us occupied until the end of the current season.

If you have unfinished Missions, you will want to get them all wrapped up by the middle of February, which is when the current season is expected to end. You will need to finish them all to get your hands on the alternate styles for your Battle Pass skins from the Alter Ego mission.