Eve Online FPS announced again, gets its first teaser image

Maybe it’ll happen Eve-ntually.

Image via CCP Games

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Eve Fanfest has concluded in Reykjavik, Iceland, and the annual convention brought us a few different announcements. Notably, developer CCP Games is still trying to make an Eve shooter happen.

Spinoff shooter Dust 514 ran from 2013 to 2016 until it was shut down due to low player count. A few years later, CCP announced Project Nova, but that planned FPS was put on an indefinite hiatus. Here we are in 2022, and the oft-promised Eve FPS has been announced yet again. As part of the new at Fanfest, the studio released a piece of concept art, seen at the top of this article. It shows a trio of soldiers approaching some vehicles that are lifting off, but that really doesn’t tells us anything about the game.

“We recognize that a hard sci-fi FPS game set in the Eve universe is a very popular concept,” the team announced at the show (via PCGamesN). “CCP is committed to offering an innovative multiplayer shooter with atmospheric visuals. We want to show you rather than tell you how we have evolved the concept, and we’re looking forward to doing so when the time comes to reveal the game.” Based on that wording, we shouldn’t expect to see the game in action for a while.

On paper, an Eve shooter spinoff certainly makes sense. Mobile game Eve Echoes released in summer 2020, and VR game Eve Valkyrie launched a few years before that, although the studio that made it was acquired by Sumo Digital. Fans were even excited about Microsoft Excel spreadsheet integration, another feature announced at Fanfest.