EVE Online now actually is “spreadsheets in space” with new Microsoft Excel integration

All that sweet, sweet data, right at your fingertips.

Image via CCP Games

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EVE Online, the space-faring MMO, can be something of an acquired taste for many people. With so much data to keep track of, ranging from profits for intergalactic business empires to precise statistics in the midst of a fleet-to-fleet battle, fans have long tried to make the case that the game is more than just “spreadsheets in space.” That job just got a little bit more difficult, though, judging from an announcement made at EVE Fanfest today.

EVE has had a UI-only mode for a couple of years now, offering players the opportunity to shun the spectacle of outer-space visuals to better keep track of the data on-screen. CCP Games revealed today, however, that it was taking that a step further, with an official partnership with Microsoft that would allow players to export in-game data straight into Excel for handy spreadsheet-making. The company commented that it hoped that Microsoft integration would “[make] the MMO more accessible for both casual and seasoned players,” and promised more information on it later this year.

As exciting as it was, this wasn’t the only announcement from EVE Fanfest 2022. The game’s content roadmap leading up to its 20th birthday next year promises a coming expansion to the game, a dedicated Spanish language client, and a host of additional QOL updates such as audio-visual overhauls and UI improvements. To be honest though, fans seem most excited about the spreadsheets.