Even more noise coming out of Silent Hill as leaker claims three more unannounced projects are in the works

The drought is over.

Image via Konami

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After more than a decade with no new Silent Hill games, Konami has started working on so many new entries for the franchise that fans can’t even comprehend what is happening. In 2022, Konami announced that four different Silent Hill games are in the works and will be coming out in the future years. However, a known leaker in the horror gaming genre, known under the alias “Dusk Golem”, has teased the fact that there could be three more Silent Hill games that Konami hasn’t announced yet.

With the recent reassurance that Silent Hill Short Message hasn’t been canceled, Konami still hasn’t said a word about the leaks regarding the game. With the Taiwanese rating for Silent Hill Short Message, we have also received a short plot summary for the game. And still, Konami has been dead silent about the game.

Well, on a forum thread discussion about the official art for Short Message, Dusk Golem casually leaks the possibility of yet another three Silent Hill games that are currently being developed in secret:

“There’s at least three Silent Hill projects which haven’t been announced yet, not including the Short Message. Yes, really.” Dusk Golem stated.

Knowing that Konami has already been hiding the existence of Silent Hill Short Message for more than three months, combined with the news we got in October from film director Christophe Gans, it might very well be possible that eight new Silent Hill games are going to come in the next few years after a 10-year drought.

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Fans of the series seem to be very excited about the news. Players can’t wait to play a new Silent Hill after so many years of teases and canceled games. Even some of the pessimists are happy with the news, as the promise of eight new games means that chances are at least one of them has to be good.