Fae Farm Fans Rejoice As Devs Announce Price Drop On Steam

The hefty price cut means more fans can jump in and enjoy the cozy.


Image via Phoenix Labs

Since Fae Farm’s reveal, players have been excited to jump into the cozy title but had one major hang-up about the upcoming title: its price. Now, with the release date just around the corner, developers Phoenix Labs seem to have heard fan feedback and have reduced the game’s price for its PC release to the delight of fans.

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Players Were Initially Unsure of the Game’s Premium Price Tag

Image via Phoenix Labs

Initially, the game was priced at a full $60 price, and fans were not too happy that the indie title was asking for triple-A prices. However, it seems the developers have heard fan feedback and have made the decision to drop the game’s price by $20 across both its standard and deluxe editions. The game will now cost $39.99 for the standard edition, with the deluxe edition costing $59.99.

The standard edition is the base game alongside the preorder bonus, the Cozy Cabin Variety Pack, which includes some extra cosmetics and items for players. As for the deluxe edition, this includes the preorder bonus as well as the game’s soundtrack and two content packs, which will be released by the end of June 2024 and includes new areas, characters, creatures, and stories to discover.

Fan reaction to the news has been positive, with users over on Reddit voicing their excitement for the game and rejoicing about the price cut. The consensus is that it feels more in line with what players were expecting from the title, with one user making the fair argument that their decision to release a full-priced game that is relatively niche and unknown during a busy release schedule seemed was a “hard pill to swallow,” regardless of the promotion.

Of course, some people in the thread are being negative or discussing what they see as the game’s poor marketing or decisions, but they seem to be finding an excuse to be negative.

It is worth noting that this change is only for Steam and Epic currently, and the Nintendo Switch version appears to be only selling the deluxe version of the game and specifically mentions the game’s additional content as free. Whether this is changed before release remains to be seen.

Fae Farm is set to release September 8th for PC and Nintendo Switch.