Fae Farm – Release Date, Preorder, Editions & Trailers

Fae Farm is cooking up to be a magical, cozy experience to get lost in. Here is everything there is to know about this upcoming release.

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Fae Farm invites players to escape to the enchanting world of Azoria. This magical RPG lets you craft your dream homestead, wield spells to explore faerie realms and build bonds with charming townsfolk. It’s a cozy game that fits single-player serenity and multiplayer magic with up to 4 friends. Fae Farm offers a cozy experience like no other. Unveil the island’s mysteries, nurture friendships, and embark on quests to uncover captivating stories. 

Fae Farm Release Date & Platforms

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Fae Farm will be available on Nintendo Switch and PC. Get ready to get lost in its coziness on September 8, 2023. Phoenix Labs promises an experience where players can cultivate, cast spells, and create memories in this blend of farming simulation and mystical adventure.

Fae Farm Pre-Order Bonuses & Editions

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Score an enchanting bonus with Fae Farm’s pre-order offer. Securing a copy before September 8, 2023, regardless of platform, grants the exclusive Cozy Cabin Variety Pack, which unwraps the following treats:

  • A snug Cozy Cabin to furnish
  • Garden Variety Pack for lush crafting
  • Homestead Variety Pack for decorating
  • An Outfit Variety Pack for customization. 

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Phoenix Labs offers two editions for Fae Farm:

Base Game EditionDeluxe Edition
– Just the game.– OST included
– Access to two future content packs coming in 2024.

Fae Farm’s Deluxe Edition costs $59.99, while the base game sits at $39.99 after a recent price drop. Both editions get the preorder bonuses.

All Fae Farm Trailers & Announcements

Nintendo of America released this trailer in June to showcase some of Fae Farm’s farming mechanics, setting, and gameplay.

The official YouTube channel for Fae Farm released a second trailer that highlights a more magical side of Fae Farm.

Fae Farm’s official YouTube channel dropped “Farm to Fable” in early August — a playlist designed for all types of farming sim fans. The playlist dives into unique game mechanics, each catering to different types of players.