Gamepur’s Far Cry 5 Video Review Is Now Live!

Far Cry 5 is finally available, and if you haven’t read our written review yet here’s a great news: you can watch our video review right below this news, with brilliant native 4K resolution thanks to the Xbox One X game DVR.

Far Cry 5 Video Review [Xbox One X]

From our written Review, you can grab some additional opinion like the following, which is a wrap up of what we think about Far Cry 5:

“All in all, there’s a feeling of things that have changed in Far Cry 5 and that’s a great feeling, because after the huge amount of time spent in tower-based open world environment it seems Ubisoft has finally decided to grab some feedback and put it to use – Far Cry 5 fundamentally does to the Far Cry series what Origins did to Assassin’s Creed, and that’s something we’re quite glad of.

It must be noted, anyway, that over the top characters alone are not enough to build a game’s story upon and that something more is required not only aside of them, but also in them: some more background might turn useful. Progression is also a big flaw because, as it is, it quickly makes you get out of the main story circle and forget something which, although with good premises, is already quite forgettable.”

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