Farming Simulator 22 will introduce mulching and soil rolling to the series

You can also remove those pesky stones from the ground.

Image via Giants Software

Today, Giants Software has unveiled some new groundwork features for Farming Simulator 22. They include the option to mulch, remove stones from the earth, and use soil rollers. All of these additions will allow players to improve their soil quality.

Mulching is a good way for players to increase their crop yield. By mulching the space between grapevines and olive groves with freshly cut grass the quality of their soil will receive a boost. Likewise, players can mulch the field after harvesting other crops for similar improvements.

Image via Giants Software

Meanwhile, stone picking will add a little more realism to Farming Simulator 22 by introducing an enemy of sorts. Stones are irritating for farmers as they can fling upwards whilst plowing or cultivating, causing damage to machines. To mitigate this problem, players will need to attach a stone picking tool to a tractor or use a soil roller.

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A soil roller is a tool that can push stones back into the earth, meaning they’re less likely to cause an issue to farming equipment. Additionally, players will benefit from yield bonuses by rolling over the seedbed after compacting the soil. Similarly, grassland farmers will gain a fertilizing stage when using this tool on their meadows.

Finally, Farming Simulator 22 will feature new ground textures, so everything looks a bit more varied. Players check out all of these changes when the game launches for PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Google Stadia on November 22.