Final Fantasy XV Will Support PC/XB1 Cross Play If Bought From Windows Store On PC

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Finally, it is now official that Final Fantasy 15 will support cross-play between the Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs, opening the possibility of future games to support this as well. Final Fantasy 15 will support cross-play in which allows the Xbox One and PC players to play in co-op mode. However, there is a catch, which is the game will only support cross-play if bought from the Windows store on PC. If one is to buy the game from Steam on PC then it won’t support cross-play.

FFXV Cross Play Support Comes With A Catch

The windows version of Final Fantasy 15 will hit the stores on March 6th. For the confirmation and more information, you can check the official store page. And to check whether your gaming rig can handle the game, you can download the official Final Fantasy 15 benchmark engine.

The PC version of Final Fantasy XV is coming after more than 3 months time – what took the development team this long? According to Hajime Tabata, the PC version of the game is build from the scratch, it is not a port from PS4/Xbox One version. In addition to this, Tabata stated that the PC version of FFXV is a generation ahead of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.