FFXV Day One Patch Confirmed, Will Fix “Camera Issue”

It seems like there will be a Day One Patch for Final Fantasy XV and it will carry a fix for the “Camera Issue” in the game. The information came from Twitter user Baka Nano, this is what she tweeted: “Tabata and his team are mainly focusing on camera issues now, the camera will be improved with the day one patch. #FFXV”

FFXV Day One Patch Confirmed

This information came as a big surprise to fans because back in August 2016, Game Director Hajime Tabata explained that the release of FFXV has been delayed to November 29 in order to fix Optimization, FPS Drops And other Bugs, and to avoid a Day One patch.

When asked further: whether there will be any other improvements and fixes in the Day One patch for FFXV? Baka Nano replied that in the latest video preview of FFXV, the guy specifically talked about the CAMERA issue.

Lastly, Nano was asked about the source of the information to which she replied that it is coming from a French gaming website. They played the game in Japan and that’s what Hajime Tabata told them.