FIFA 22 brings back Create a Club for career mode

Make your mark.

Image via EA

FIFA 22 is set to hit the pitch on October 1, so EA Sports is slowly ramping up its marketing division. On July 11, the team dropped the first teaser trailer for the game, which detailed the new Hypermotion Technology that is powering this year’s title. Alongside that news, the game’s official site revealed a few more key details for some of the modes. While we’ll have to wait a little longer for full details on new things coming to modes like Ultimate Team and Pro Clubs, the site did reveal that Career Mode is getting a major addition in the form of the create a club feature.

As many older FIFA fans know, this is something that’s been in the series in the past. The ability to create your club and lead them from the lower divisions all the way up to the Champions League is something we haven’t seen for years. Finally, it’s back in the game, which makes sense when you consider what EA did with stadium creation in FIFA 21’s Ultimate Team.

FIFA 21 introduced tons of new cosmetics to add to your stadium. This lets players build a completely unique stadium to play in. Taking that and implementing it into Career Mode is almost a no-brainer. And Xbox’s official FIFA 22 site confirmed that stadium building will be included along with club creation, bringing the whole thing full circle.

Over the next few months, we’ll learn much more about what to expect from the create a club feature and Career Mode. That said, it’s great to know that the much-requested feature is finally making a comeback and giving Career Mode players a phenomenal new addition.