Final Fantasy 16 Players Celebrate Battles As Better Than GoW: Ragnarok

Fans think the battles in Final Fantasy 16 go where God of War: Ragnarok couldn’t and they can’t get enough of them.

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Final Fantasy 16 is one of the most bombastic and epic entries in the series when it comes to set pieces. While some fans want an experience closer to the franchise’s older titles, many praise the game as having more spectacular and brutal battles than God of War: Ragnarok.

Fans have taken to the Final Fantasy 16 Subreddit to gush about how in awe of the incredible battles they are. They go as far as saying it beats Sony’s most recent god-slaying title, and the game outdoes itself with each new fight scene just when players think things couldn’t get any better.

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Fans Say Final Fantasy 16 Provides the One Thing God of War: Ragnarok Lacked, Spectacle

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Final Fantasy 16 is a big departure from the series in many ways. The game it’s most commonly compared to is Final Fantasy 13, which was a similarly linear experience. However, despite how far FF16 feels from the Final Fantasy brand, fans can’t get enough of one of the things it does incredibly well, epic battles.

Over on the Final Fantasy 16 Subreddit, fans have been discussing just how good the battles are. User Dadvice Gaming started the thread explaining that it gives them the one thing they thought was missing from God of War: Ragnarok. Considering the scale of that first-party Sony title and how well-received it was, it seems hard to say that anything could improve on what it offers.

From our experience, we can confirm that Final Fantasy 16 is packed with unrivaled epic battles. Protagonist Clive fights against everything with style, and the acting behind each character only adds to how big the battles feel. The highlights are the Eikon boss battles, which feel as though they put players in control of one god trying to kill another.

The one thing most players in the thread keep saying is that the game never settles. Each big battle and epic moment is larger than the last. Over its 35-40 hour runtime, it might seem difficult to be impressed by a game continuously. As one fan puts it “Just wait a few hours. I you’ll be in awe (sic).” Despite being a very different sort of Final Fantasy game, FF16 is clearly winning hearts with the action it puts front and center.