Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade extended trailer shows off graphics and photo mode

Let’s take a closer look at upgrades for Intergrade.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade

Image via Square Enix

Final Fantasy VII Remake is receiving an update in June to optimize it for the new PlayStation 5 console. The update will come packed with enhanced graphics, lighting, and everything you would expect to see from a next-gen enhancement. We saw a glimpse of it during the latest State of Play from Sony. However, Square has uploaded an extended look at everything new coming to Final Fantasy VII Intergrade to the Final Fantasy YouTube channel.

In the new extended trailer, we got a glimpse at all of the graphical enhancements we will see in the update. Square showed off improved textures, fog effects, and lighting. A new option will allow players to toggle between two game modes: graphics mode and performance mode. Just like we have seen with many games in the past, the graphics mode will prioritize 4K resolution graphics, while performance mode will prioritize frame rate to reach 60 FPS.

Loading times have been greatly improved in intergrade due to the PS5’s solid-state drive. Finally, a photo mode will let Cloud finally take some snaps with his party.

The extended trailer also showed a little more of what we will see from the new episode featuring Yuffie. Through this trailer, we got a look at her invading a Shinra base to steal some materia.