Final Fantasy VII Remake ‘related’ reveal expected to come this weekend

Could a next-gen port of the beloved remake be announced this week?

Image via Square Enix

To celebrate the success of Final Fantasy VII Remake, Square Enix has prepared an orchestra to play the game’s entire soundtrack live all around the world. As the tour kicks off this coming Saturday, the remake’s co-director, Motomu Toriyama has teased that a game “related” announcement will be made during the orchestra’s debut in Japan.

The news first arose from Twitter user @aitaikimochi, who published the video Toriyama had sent to concert subscribers. According to the English-captioned clip, the co-director will be making the announcement, but only those who’ve purchased the show’s tickets will be able to see it.

Although the PS4-exclusive RPG is almost one year old, there are still plenty of questions surrounding which platforms it may come to. For instance, it is still unknown if Square Enix plans to bring the title to Xbox, or if it will further the game’s support on PlayStation with a next-gen upgrade to PS5.

Final Fantasy fans will certainly know what this reveal is about soon, as the concert livestream is set for Saturday, February 13 at 5 PM JT, 3 AM ET, and 12 PM PT.