Final Fantasy XIV Announces Next Expansion, Dawntrail, Coming Summer 2024

The next expansion for Final Fantasy XIV is Dawntrail, and it will be arriving in Summer 2024 for all players.

Final Fantasy XIV fans are attending the massive Fan Fest 2023 event in Las Vegas. The keynote speech is underway, and the development team is not throwing any punches. They first show off the next expansion coming to Final Fantasy XIV called Dawntrail.

The release date for the expansion has already been shared, and Dawntrail is expected to arrive sometime in the Summer of 2024. This is only the first announcement from the Final Fantasy XIV crew, and it’s a big one for the three-day-long Fan Fest 2023 event.

Dawntrail Comes to Final Fantasy XIV, Exploring The New World

The previous expansion for Final Fantasy XIV, Endwalker, arrived at the end of 2021. As expected, Final Fantasy XIV is following the usual cycle of taking roughly two years before the next expansion. Many fans are looking forward to the graphics update the development team has been teasing for quite some time.

Although the location featured in Dawntrail will be referred to as the New World, the proper name for it in Final Fantasy XIV is Tural. This will be a dramatically different tone from Endwalker, as that expansion was the ending of a massive story. Dawntrail is the first step of a brand-new journey for players.

Players, known as Warriors of Light, will be invited to Tural to take part in the rite of succession, and there will also be a contest that leads to a city of gold. This journey will divide the scions, the main group of allies assisting players in Final Fantasy XIV. Many were allies throughout Endwalker, but in the Dawntrail story, they may become rivals, pitting against each other and the player to attempt to find the city of gold before others.

Tural is a location that has not appeared in Final Fantasy XIV and will be across the western seas, beyond the indigo deep.

Right now, the Final Fantasy XIV development team is in heavy development for this expansion. The team could not share any videos, but they could show off concept art for the hub city featured in Dawntrail, called Tuliyollal, a city with a focus on diversity.

We can expect additional announcements for Dawntrail for the next year, and we’re looking forward to any new Jobs that will appear in Final Fantasy XIV. The next upcoming update for Final Fantasy XIV will be Update 6.5.