Final Fantasy XIV ‘Futures Rewritten’ update announced

Ringing in the next generation.

Image via Square Enix

The end of a console generation doesn’t mean an end to Final Fantasy XIV. As a matter of fact, the MMORPG will be receiving a massive update slated for early December, named “Futures Rewritten.” The large package of content will include a number of new quests, battles, and tournaments, along with a new mode. Additionally, the title will receive gameplay and visual boosts on PlayStation 5.

The main attraction inside this massive 5.4 update is the inclusion of more main scenario quests for the Shadowbringers expansion’s storyline, as well as for the “Sorrow of Werlyt” quest series. In a new Letter from the Producer presentation, Square Enix also confirmed that the PlayStation 4 version can be played on PS5, and will feature faster loading times and PS4 Pro display settings on the newer platform.

The patch is also bringing in tweaks to PvE and PvP fighting, as well as to Ocean Fishing and treasure hunt dungeons. Here is the full list of changes coming to the MMO on all supported platforms.

  • New Shadowbringers quests: The expansion will feature more main quests that will conclude the storyline.
  • Chronicles of a New Era: Another chapter is coming to “The Sorrow of Wertlyt” and will introduce the Emerald Weapon.
  • Explorer Mode: The new mode will let players travel through dungeons without enemies or obstacles in the way. Minions, mounts, and accessories can be used, as well.
  • More Dungeons: A third Eden dungeon raid is on its way, titled “Eden’s Promise,” which will include new battles in both normal and savage difficulty modes. Matoya’s Relict is another new dungeon coming that can be played either solo or with friends.
  • Unreal Trials: The trials will receive additional content for level 80 heroes, bringing along new challenges and rewards.
  • “Save the Queen”: This quest series will also get extra content, as new 24 and 48-player battles are being introduced. The new storyline will be written by Final Fantasy Tactics designer Yasumi Matuso.
  • New Restoration content: Restoration of the Holy See of Ishgard will conclude with one final stage.
  • Changes to the Blue Mage: The Blue mag will be getting an increased level cap, along with added moves and equipment.
  • Triple Triad: New limited-time tournaments will be coming in December, with more enhancements and rules.