Final Fantasy XIV Housing Demolition suspended indefinitely because of Covid-19

Final Fantasy XIV Housing

In an unprecedented move, Final Fantasy XIV’s development team has temporarily suspended automatic housing demolition. This affects all data centers and all servers globally. By the time the announcement was posted on the Lodestone, demolition had already been suspended.

To keep your house in FFXIV, you typically need to enter it at least once every 45 days. For Free Company houses, as long as any member enters the house every 45 days, the house is safe from demolition. This suspension stops the timer.

Here’s an example of how this works: You haven’t entered your house in 30 days. Once this freeze is lifted, the timer starts again, and the next day will count as 31 days since you last entered your house.

Suspending the housing demolition timer is exceedingly rare, and typically only affects a few data centers. The timer has not been suspended on North American data centers since 2018’s Hurricane Michael, the first Category 5 hurricane to strike the continental United States.

Square Enix is unsure when housing demolition will be turned back on. “As for when auto-demolition will resume, we will monitor the situation in the coming days, and inform you all when we have come to a decision that auto-demolition can commence again,” their announcement said.