Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.21 revisits Diadem, Ishgardian Restoration, adds Crafter leaderboards, and more

Fire up your parasols and hop on your sheep; it’s time to rebuild Ishgard!

FFXIV Ishgardian Restoration

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.21 launched on March 10, bringing with it a host of exciting new content. The patch centers around the long-awaited second phase of the Ishgardian Restoration. 

Crafters and gatherers rejoice: most of the new glamour items, mounts, minions, and other rewards are purchased with skybuilders’ scrip, the currency you earn by supporting the development of Ishgard.

Ishgardian Restoration

It’s time to continue rebuilding Ishgard! The Restoration story continues in the Firmament with a nod to community uproar about the difficulty of participating in Concerted Works:

A message on the Skybuilders Board reads, “Allow me to apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced during the previous phase of works. So great were the number of willing hands, we were figuratively and literally overwhelmed, but I pledge that we will do better by our valued builders in the future.”

This second phase works like the first: Crafters will contribute collectible items to Potkin, and the Concerted Works meter for the server will increase incrementally. Once the bar fills, a server-wide event takes place; in essence, a FATE, except for Disciples of the Land and Hand.

This content is available to Disciples of the Hand and Land of all levels, though maximum rewards are available for level 80 crafters and gatherers.

Crafting and Gathering Leaderboards

An entirely new leaderboard has been introduced. Crafters and gatherers on each server will be ranked based on their skybuilders’ score. The top 12 most productive crafters and gatherers of each class will be listed on a server-wide leaderboard. The initial ranking period lasts through March 19. You can view the current rankings on the Lodestone


Diadem is back, and it’s now a gatherer’s paradise. Fans of previous incarnations of Diadem will be disappointed to learn that it’s no longer a haven for gathering obscure, hard-to-find mats. The only materials found here are used for the Ishgardian Restoration.

Patch 5.21 introduces the Compressed Aether bar, which is essentially a Limit Break for gatherers. Each gathering hit fills the bar a small amount. When it fills, you can use an aether bazooka to destroy an enemy and receive large quantities of skybuilders’ materials, shards, and crystals.

New mounts and minions

Several of the new minions are available via achievements, while others are purchased.

For crafters, earning 50,000 total skyward points gets you an achievement award: the Laladile, a tiny crocodile. If you prefer gathering, the achievement for earning 50,000 skyward points earns Malone, a pink dinosaur.

The Cerberpup minion is available from Enie in the Firmament for 1,200 skybuilders’ scrip.

Sheep mount is obtained by purchasing the Albino Karakul Horn with 8,4000 skybuilders’ scrip.

Kupo of Fortune

Patch 5.21 also introduces a new scratch-card game based in Ishgard. Top prizes include rare items like the new Sky Blue Parasol, and the /bread emote.

New hairstyle

This asymmetrical cropped style is the latest runner-up from 2015’s FFXIV Hairstyle Design Contest. The in-game design is extremely true to the original designer’s sketch.

Modern Aesthetics – Controlled Chaos is available for 1,800 skybuilders scrips from Enie in the Firmament.

Bright new dyes

These new dyes were hinted at in an art stream by the development team a few weeks ago, but now they’re here.

  • Ruby Red Dye
  • Cherry Pink Dye
  • Canary Yellow Dye
  • Vanilla Yellow Dye
  • Dragoon Blue Dye
  • Turquoise Blue Dye
  • Gunmetal Black Dye
  • Pearl White Dye
  • Metallic Brass Dye

The metallic dyes cost 500 skybuilders’ scrip, while the regular ones are only 100. All of these dyes are tradeable, so you can find them on the market board as well.

New indoor furnishings

Several new housing items have been added, including portraits of Aymeric and Estinien. The Lord Commander Portrait and Azure Dragoon Portrait are available for 900 skybuilders’ scrip.

New chocobo barding

A new Chocobo barding has been added. The Machinist Barding costs 1,200 skybuilders’ scrip.