Final Fantasy XIV’s Endwalker expansion adds Reaper as the next job

Final Fantasy XIV’s fan festival starts off with a bang.

Screengrab from Square Enix

Today is the first day of Final Fantasy XIV’s digital Fan Festival. The development showed off the new job coming to the MMO’s next expansion, Endwalker, called Reaper to kick the weekend off. It’s a class that wields a two-handed scythe.

The Reaper is an original job to the Final Fantasy series and was created exclusively for the game. It will be a melee DPS class, with the same melee subclass as a dragoon. The primary weapon will be a two-handed scythe, and these attacks come with darker animations as they slash. During the battle, the Reaper will summon an avatar from the void to join them in battle, assisting them in dealing damage. Players will be able to channel the energy from that darker avatar to augment their abilities.

Screengrab from the Square Enix stream

For players who wish to become a Reaper, they will need to have purchased the Endwalker DLC, and they must have a character who has reached level 70 with any job. The job quests will begin at Ul’dah.

The development team has not shared the exact release date of the Endwalker expansion, but we can expect it to launch on November 23, 2021, which was also announced during this event. The Final Fantasy XIV team will be sharing more details about the upcoming expansion’s story and what content is coming in the future. The digital fan festival will continue throughout today and into tomorrow. You can check out the full schedule here.