Final Fantasy XV Complete Edition Might Still Be Coming In The Future

During a recent interview with the US PlayStation Blog, game director Hajime Tabata hinted at the possibility that one day a Final Fantasy XV Complete Edition might be coming on top of the Royal Edition.

Giving his answer to the question about why the new release was called Royal Edition, Tabata said he wanted to avoid the denomination of “Complete” since he thinks the title is still in full development as a service and far from being, well, complete after all.

Final Fantasy XV Complete Edition Still Happening

“First, we wanted to avoid naming it the Complete Edition, because we still have plans of continuing services in the future,” he said, hinting, even if not on purpose, to the possibility that once the development is complete Square Enix could drop yet another edition of the game.

“We came up with the word Royal in association with the Lucis royal line, and also felt it best suited this most complete edition of FFXV available at this time. We previously had a patch named the “Crown Update,” which was also named in association with the Lucian royal family.”

Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition just released for PC via multiple stores, and Royal Edition is now available for PS4 and Xbox One. Both come with several additions from a first-person perspective and a new Insomnia City Ruins dungeon.