Patch 1.27 Changelog – Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV has just received a new Patch 1.27. The size of the update is 9.367 GB on PS4, 10.56 GB on Xbox One, and 15.4 GB on PC. According to the details revealed in the official patch notes, Patch 1.27 implements the last FFXV collaboration event called “Adventurer from Another World”. This collaboration is between FFXV and FFXIV.

Final Fantasy Patch 1.27 Changelog

In addition to this, Patch 1.27 adds Russian Voice Pack, implement and release of multiplayer comrades, adds secret missions and bonus quest in Comrades, and many other things. You guys can read the official Patch Notes below.

FFXV Patch 1.27 Changelog

New Features

  • PS4 | XB1 | PC: Implementation of the FINAL FANTASY XIV collaboration quest: Adventurer from Another World.
  • PS4 | XB1: Release and implementation of MULTIPLAYER: COMRADES (Standalone).
  • PS4 | XB1: Comrades (Standalone) / December Update trophies have been added.
  • PS4 | XB1: Addition of Final Fantasy XV Russian Voice Pack (free DLC).
  • PS4 | XB1 | PC: Introduction of Secret Missions and Bonus Quests in Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer: Comrades.
  • PC: Release of Comrades Version (Pending).


  • PS4 | XB1: End of service and removal of MULTIPLAYER EXPANSION: COMRADES, replaced by MULTIPLAYER: COMRADES (Standalone).
  • PS4 | XB1: Addition of Comrades-exclusive dishes to the main game recipe list.
  • PS4 | XB1 | PC: Implementation of a Photo menu within Comrades.
  • PS4 | XB1: If you attempt to access the mission menu in Comrades via Final Fantasy XV, you will be prompted to update to the latest version for Standalone.

Bug Fixes

  • Various bug fixes.
  • PC: Previously missing Nifilheim base related song has been restored.