Final Fantasy XV Studio Working On A Brand New IP For PS5 And Next Xbox

Luminous Productions has posted around 20 jobs offer in the effort to staff up for a brand new Square Enix intellectual property to be published on PlayStation 5 and the next Xbox. It’s the studio that completely rebuilt Final Fantasy XV.

Job offers have been spotted by ResetEra user DarkDetective on a Japanese platform called Creative Village, and provide more details about what the studio is currently making.


The project doesn’t really come as a surprise, since Hajime Tabata, Final Fantasy XV mastermind, has already said in the past that he would be making a new IP for the future systems after ending the working on the latest entry in the long standing RPG franchise.

The title is being referred as “high-end AAA console game project”, “a world-class large-scale game that everyone [knows or will get to know]”, but also “a chance to touch the latest technology” because “investigate, research, and develop core features of the next generation Luminous Engine”.

In synthesis, the developer is looking into building a new iteration of the Luminous Engine that has brilliantly powered Final Fantasy XV, and while doing so is setting the ground for a new IP based on it for next generation consoles.

Considering the developer is still staffing up, it’s quite difficult to imagine that the game is dropping anytime soon or is being worked on as a cross-gen title. Anyway, we can’t rule anything out at this stage and there’s still a chance it is also coming on Xbox One and PS4 in a couple years.