Final Fantasy XV PC Edition Won’t Apparently Feature DRM Denuvo

Good news, PC players. Based on a report from DSOGaming, it looks like Final Fantasy XV is not featuring DRM Denuvo when the upcoming Windows Edition releases early March.

Square Enix’s approach to the matter has been quite hectic. The publisher has indeed used DRM Denuvo on Star Ocean The Last Hope and Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age, while not adopting it on other releases such as Secret of Mana.

Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition DRM

At this stage, the Japanese company has updated Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition’s EULA, not listing the Denuvo anti-tamper technology. Being the second in a row after the remake of Secret of Mana, it is possible a license agreement between the parts has expired or that Square Enix has turned unsatisfied with the anti-tampering performances granted by the Austrian developer.

Denuvo has been highly criticized among gamers because of its DRM disrupting, in more than one case, performances on the game which were supposed to be running much better in comparison with how they actually did on High Spec Rigs.

Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition is coming March 6.