Final Fantasy XVI fans criticise recent gameplay and graphics footage showcased by Square Enix

Is it nitpicking or due criticism?

Image via PlayStation YouTube

Square Enix, the Japanese video game developer behind the Final Fantasy series, has been attempting to hype up the release of its upcoming title, Final Fantasy XVI. However, its efforts have been criticized by fans who are not impressed with the gameplay and graphics showcased so far.

The company recently released a gameplay clip for Final Fantasy XVI on Twitter, which displayed some of the game’s combat mechanics and introduced a new character to the game, Torgal, who will serve as Clive’s companion. Torgal is a furry, four-legged creature that has already become a fan favorite on social media. However, while Torgal has generated some buzz among fans, many are still unconvinced that the game will live up to the Final Fantasy name.

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Fans were quick to voice their opinions on the matter, saying, “Really, this is not much different from FFXV,” and that they don’t “see the PS5 power in this game.” But what drove fans up the wall wasn’t the grass texture not looking realistic enough, but the return of an overused gameplay technique. The gameplay clip shows Clive squeezing through a narrow passage to the next area.

Fans are not impressed with this old, cliché mechanic, especially for a game coming out on the PS5 powerhouse. Some Reddit fans claim that mechanics such as this one tend to kill the game’s pace and immersion. Perhaps Clive needs to hit the gym and work on his flexibility, or maybe Square Enix should try a more cutting-edge approach to level design. 

Only time will tell if Square Enix’s efforts to hype up Final Fantasy XVI will ultimately pay off. While some fans remain skeptical, others are holding out hope that the game will live up to the legacy of the Final Fantasy series. One thing is for sure, though — Torgal will cheer them on every step of the way!