Final Fantasy XVI Gameplay Showcases Stunning Combat System & Abilities

It’s all killer no filler in the newest gameplay footage of Square Enix’s next installment to the beloved franchise.

Screenshot via PlayStation’s YouTube channel

Today is a good day to be a Final Fantasy fan, as Square Enix has given us the most comprehensive look at Final Fantasy XVI during the latest PlayStation State of Play live stream.

Alongside plenty of details about the world and characters of the upcoming RPG, we were treated to a ton of new gameplay footage that showed off the game’s new action-oriented combat, and what we saw was truly fantastic.

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Final Fantasy XVI Offers Deep and Versatile Combat

The footage is primarily of the game’s new combat system, narrated and detailed by Naoki Yoshida, the producer of Final Fantasy XVI. In the gameplay, we see the protagonist, Clive, battling against all manner of enemies. Ranging from knights to huge monolithic Eikons, and using a plethora of moves and abilities, this appears to be the first truly action-focused entry to the series. Final Fantasy XVI will feature real-time combat similar to Devil May Cry and Bayonetta. It will have players attacking, dodging, and casting massive spells and skills in fast-paced action that looks like an absolute riot.

Alongside all the action comes a deep RPG system that the series is known for, where players can earn Ability Points to unlock and upgrade new abilities and spells to use in combat. The gameplay also showcased a ton of different skills and options available to the player, with combos and flashy attacks aplenty, it looks to give players a massive amount of freedom in how they choose to play and approach combat.

We also got a glimpse at some of the equipment and gear you’ll be using, the companions joining you in combat, and arguably the stream’s highlight, Eikon Battles. These massive boss fights will see you take on Eikons on their own turf as an Eikon yourself, all with unique mechanics that make each distinct and varied. On top of that, we got a look at new locations, details on the world and story, quests, and hunts, all of which looked rewarding and interesting additions to the game.

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This new footage will undoubtedly raise people’s hype through the roof, and we won’t have to wait long till we can finally get our hands on the game and play it ourselves. Final Fantasy XVI will release for PlayStation 5 on June 22.