Fire Emblem Engage DLC has potentially leaked, features new Emblem characters, classes, and more

Engage with some leaks.

Image via Nintendo

Fire Emblem Engage update 1.1.0 files have been datamined by popular Fire Emblem blog Serenes Forest giving insight into some of the content coming with the expansion pass. The upcoming expansion pack will reportedly come out in four stages, and will include new characters, new Emblems, new maps, and a story separate from the main game.

The first wave of the expansion DLC has already been released, adding two Emblem characters: Tiki & Edelgard), so it is no surprise that more characters are coming. According to the leaks, five more Emblem characters will be coming via DLC: Hector from the Blazing Sword, Veronica from Heroes, Soren from Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn, Camilla from Fates, and Chrom from Awakening. These are principal Fire Emblem characters, but Veronica comes from a mobile title, Fire Emblem Heroes, and not a mainline game. The datamined files also mention the weapons they might use, indicating they will be Emblem characters.

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The files also include names of new characters that will be original to the DLC — Elle, Rafale, Celestia, Gregory, and Madeline. Audio clips associated with these characters were found, proving their existence is real, or at the very least, were planned to be in the original game but may have been cut.

Wave four of the expansion pass will include new classes for Fire Emblem Engage. There will apparently be four new classes added, with evidence for two of them being named Enchant and Mage Cannon. Enchant will use body arts and knives, whereas Mage Cannon will be a magical armored unit.

Additionally, music has been found to be linked to added paralogue chapters in the game. Five more paralogue chapters will be included with the DLC, which makes sense since the leaks indicate five more Emblem characters will be added.

With only the first wave of the expansion pass released for Fire Emblem Engage, there have been no more details on what is coming in the next few months. This leak should be taken with a grain of salt as nothing has been confirmed by Intelligent System, but they are extensive and make sense in the context of the game and series as a whole.