Fire Emblem Engage players have figured out how to attack four times with one character

Want four turns?

Image via Nintendo

Since Fire Emblem Engage is a strategy game, it’s no surprise that players come up with new ways to tackle battles and use the game’s mechanics in their favor. One player known as Iced Coffee Gaming on YouTube has found a way to let one of your units attack four separate times in a single turn using a dancer and a specific emblem ring.

Iced Coffee Gaming explains how broken this strategy is and how you can utilize it even further so that multiple units get more than one turn during a player phase. Their YouTube channel is all about creating in-depth tutorials for RPGs and FPS games.

You will only be able to use this strategy once you recruit Seadall in chapter 15. Seadall is the only character with the Dancer class, a special unit that revitalizes your units so they can act a second time during the player phase. He’ll have to either have Sigurd’s emblem ring equipped or have the skill Canter inherited from Sigurd’s ring so that he can move after dancing for an ally.

After dancing, your unit can move a second time but make sure they stay diagonally adjacent to Seadall. Then, by having a character equipped with Byleth’s emblem ring, you can use their engage ability, Goddess Dance, to revitalize both your dancer and the unit that has already moved twice. This will allow that unit to move a third time and for the dancer to give them a fourth turn.

The Fire Emblem community has been having a great time trying to break the game, with players finding exploits to always get S-rank bond rings, and ways to quickly farm gold. With the emblem ring mechanic, there are many ways a player could experiment with tackling certain battles. The speedrunning community will have a great time trying to break this game apart so they can beat it as fast as possible.

With the game only being out for a week, new tactics will surely come from the Fire Emblem community. Now you can try this new strategy to give your units four turns and how powerful your army can become.