Forspoken demo gets last-minute update a week before full game releases

Feedback matters!

Image via PlayStation

Forspoken is one of the many games on the minds of players everywhere since it is set to release on January 24. Despite the demo for the game only coming to PlayStation, there has been enough feedback to get the ball rolling on some major changes. Recently, there was a live stream in Japan with creative producer Raio Mitsuno where they announced an update that will be coming to the Forspoken demo with some pretty big changes. This isn’t the first time the devs have been great at listening to player feedback on the new title, as they also implemented more accessibility options earlier in the demo cycle.

Mitsuno announced that the update for the demo will be released sometime tonight but didn’t give an exact time. “We’ve been listening to your reactions and feedback on the demo and we wanted to do whatever we could during this time to make the demo as enjoyable as an experience as possible,” Mitsuno said in the summary video released after the live stream. Some of the improvements are button mapping functionality, text size adjustments, and some fixed technical issues. While there was no information given about what technical issues will be fixed, the update should help the game run more smoothly.

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One of the best parts of the update is the improvement being made to the lock-on capability. Before, the lock-on would immediately end if an enemy went off-screen. The update will change this and allow Frey to remain locked onto an enemy so you can adjust the camera to fight them. Alongside the update announcement, the full PC specs were released so you can make sure your PC can handle this game when it releases on January 24.