Epic Games invests in regional social channels as Fortnite player base grows

A dedicated Fortnite social media channels for ANZ region.

Image via Epic Games

The Fortnite player base has grown and expanded across the world. As players worldwide dive into Fortnite, it becomes more important to tailor language specific to regional audiences. This week, Epic Games launched an Australian and New Zealand Twitter channel, designed specifically with Aussie and Kiwi culture in mind. Along with this new Fortnite ANZ Twitter channel comes the Lands Down Under event. The event offers players new maps to explore and lots of in-game items.

Fortnite ANZ began their first tweet only days ago with a classic Aussie and Kiwi greeting. Since then, they have been teasing lots of content. There are also rumors that an Instagram channel will be going live soon. While there is no confirmation on the Instagram channel, it appears the same channel name, FortniteANZ, has been reserved on Instagram.

The new regional social media channels aim to add another layer of interesting, culturally relevant content, including regionalized slang language and hints at iconic regional culture. For the Fortnite ANZ channel, the tweets thus far might have some international visitors scratching their heads. Aussies will most certainly understand the below tweet.

For the international audience, a translation might be required. The above tweet translates to “we have made our stop at the gas station for an egg and bacon pie.” As the Fortnite player base grows, we might even see more regional channels across the world.