Batman Content Coming To Fortnite, According To Dataminers

Bao Bros

Since it’s gone Battle Royale, Epic Games’ Fortnite has seen several memorable crossovers. Players have seen Marvel’s Avengers, Stephen King’s It and other bits and pieces spill over into the hit game. But now it appears that Batman is set to get a turn, based on information found by some crafty dataminers.

The DC Comics hero will reportedly come to the game with a variety of items, themed for use by players in the multiplayer hit. These include a special banner, spray and a Bat Glider, perfect for swooping down on the competition. HYPEX shared a Tweet over on Twitter, featuring some video of a couple of these items in the store. It’s posted below.

Then there’s the screenshot above, showing a player in a Catwoman costume swooping down into a part of the game, using Penguin’s umbrella to do so. Fans may also notice the Bat-signal shining in the sky as well.

HYPEX also shared another image featuring the Catwoman costume below.

Also sharing something from the datamining, Lucas7yoshi revealed a portion of Tilted Town, which shows reconfiguration to look a little like Gotham City.

Epic Games hasn’t confirmed this content just yet. However, Batman’s 80th anniversary is just around the corner, and this would be an ideal addition to the game to coincide with it. We’ll see what DC and Epic Games have to announce in the days ahead.

Fortnite is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, mobile, Nintendo Switch, and PC.