Fortnite’s Next Battle Pass for Chapter 2 Got Leaked


A lot of Fortnite discussions have made the rounds for the past few days. If you haven’t heard, they did something incredible over the weekend and threw the game into a black hole. You can check out this massive, dark abyss on the game’s website right now. It went down during “the end” of a live stream event, and we’re left here wondering what to do next.

While we’re waiting, some details are getting leaked online about what’s coming up for the highly popular battle royale game. One of the features we learned about was the introduction of boats in the next phase of the game. However, with the knowledge of boats, we’ve also learned about the game’s next battle pass.

This information also got leaked in a brief trailer that was up for a short time before getting taken down. The information came from SkinTrackerCom’s Twitter account. Again, you can check out their page, but you won’t see any bit of the trailer. It’s already gone. But other locations have already made sure they had it available to them and have saved it. We have it for you to check out, so watch it below.

When you’ve checked it out, you’re going to see a variety of new challenges. The first thing you’re going to see in the leaked trailer is the fact that boats are the big, new vehicle coming to the game. For those who have always wanted a fast getaway on the water, now your dreams have come true.

The new challenges shown in the trailer show the new ways of leveling up. There are precision takedowns, opening up boxes, cutting down resources for building, destroying structures, and even fishing.

The upcoming battle pass is going to have everything players expect from a Fortnite one: cosmetics and a variety of challenges to level it up.

At this time, we don’t know too much about the game’s story. Epic Games is attempting to keep the supposed trailer for the story under wraps, and as close to its chest as possible. This could leak sooner than they want it to, but time is only going to tell.

Get ready for Fortnite’s Chapter 2, Season 1 to come out shortly.