Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 1 Trailer Reveals Boats as New Vehicle


Fortnite did the impossible over the weekend. When the game was live and players reached “the end,” during a live stream, the game shut off and prevented people from jumping into it. Their old map has become a black hole, and there’s nothing left of it. Now, players are waiting in anticipation to learn what’s coming next to the game, and what the new map is going to look like.

However, we did get a quick glimpse of it through a leaked trailer. Before it could stick around for too long, the trailer promptly got removed from his Twitter page. We did get a quick idea of what’s to come, and players should be excited to know there’s going to be boats for a way of transportation.

The trailer had come from SkinTrackerCom‘s twitter account, but again, the trailer has already gone done. Other people have already captured the footage, luckily, which you can watch below.

Boats were already a huge thing featured in a previously leaked image from the Italian Apple Store image. The picture made the rounds last Friday and provided a considerable hint that Fortnite was going for a Chapter 2 approach, instead of a season 11 for their current game.

Now that we know for ourselves that the image was true, we can start to read into it a bit more. Players are likely going to need boats as significant pieces of transportation around the map. There’s going to be more waterways, rivers, and secret methods to getting around than there traditionally were before.

What other vehicles can we hope to see besides boats? Maybe something else going on the waterways, such as jet skis or even paddle boats. Anything to lean into the player’s creativity, perhaps even giving them the chance to build theirs before they jump into the water.

For now, we’re eagerly waiting to see what Epic Games does with Fortnite. We’re waiting in the abyss to find out.