Fortnite Dementor Bug Causes Players to Launch Into the Air when Hiding in a Dumpster


Have you checked out the latest additions to Fortnite during their Chapter 2 update? You’re going to see plenty of new mechanics and strategies over the next few weeks. Because stuff is pretty new, you’re also bound to encounter a handful of bugs. There’s a particular one that launches players into the air if they hide in a dumpster.

You can check out how this works through this brief video below. Reddit user Bigdog-475 took it.

So hiding in a dumpster turned me into a dementor? from r/FortNiteBR

When the character jumps into the dumpster, they’re pretty hidden. They hop out, and everything goes off perfectly. However, when the next person goes into the dumpster, and then the second person follows, the second person gets launched into the air when they jump out. They disappear into a ghostly figure and float away. Eventually, they change back to their physical form, but then they fall to the ground. If a player is playing by themselves, they die on impact. If they’re in a group, they could get a revive from a partner, but it’s still going to waste a good chunk of time.

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Regardless, a player turning into the ghostly figure, playfully referred to as “Dementor” bug from the Harry Potter series, is not what’s supposed to happen. Thankfully, a developer from the Fortnite stepped into the Reddit thread to confirm they had members of their team already working on the issue.

Players are likely going to have to deal with the issue for a few more days. It should get sorted out in a new hotfix. Until then, if you and your friends want to hop into a game to get the bug to happen to see for yourself, you should be able to do it. The person who wants to be the ghostly figure needs to be the second person to jump into the dumpster.

There’s a lot to do in the latest update, so hopefully, you’re enjoying Fortnite‘s Chapter 2.

h/t: Polygon