Fortnite goes to the moon with Diamond Hanz Stonks meme April Fools skin

They just like the stock.

Image via Gamepur

Fortnite is embracing recent market surges, groups of Reddit traders, and memes for a special April Fools skin. Diamond Hanz has been released in the Fortnite Item Shop and should be instantly recognizable to anyone who has been keeping up to date with all the shenanigans are GameStop shares over recent months.

The skin, which costs 1200 V-Bucks, Fortnite’s premium currency, is clearly based on the Stonks meme guy, with his strange smooth face and the blue tie and suit combination. Diamond Hanz is a reference to the “Diamond Hands” saying from traders on Reddit’s WallStreetBets, a reference to people who refuse to budge from their position of holding GME shares, even when they stand to make a profit.

There is also the “too the moon” reference, a popular war cry among the people who were looking to drive the price of GME shares as high as possible. Needless to say, the skin does actually feature diamond hands, completely the joke quite nicely.

So far, it seems like the skin will have an availability of just a few hours before the Fortnite Item Shop switches over to another set of skins, so players interested in grabbing it will need to do so quickly as possible. While there is a chance it will hang around tomorrow, it is often best to jump on these skins quickly or risk disappointment.