New Iris Fortnite skin rumored to be exclusive to upcoming Samsung Galaxy model

Five Fortnite characters on a purple background with white Fortnite logo in the upper left corner.

A new Fortnite skin may be an exclusive cosmetic related to the upcoming Samsung Galaxy model.

Companies are taking note of gamers’ love of cosmetic items. While it may be free to play, extra cosmetic items in Fortnite require purchase. Skins are an excellent way to show off your style. Samsung noticed that offering additional items may encourage buyers to pick up an item they’re already considering. An upcoming Fortnite skin looks like it will be connected to the purchase of Samsung’s new, forthcoming Galaxy model.

Fortnite News on Twitter shared the image and the rumor. The new skin, Iris, is rumored to be connected to Samsung’s latest Galaxy S11 and S20 models. The phones themselves have not been officially revealed but were leaked a couple of days prior.

It wouldn’t be the first time Samsung partnered with Fortnite for cosmetic items related to their products. For the release of the Galaxy S10 family, players could also obtain the iKONIK skin. The iKONIK skin was retired in September. It was replaced by the GLOW skin, which was also connected to the purchase of one of the Samsung Galaxy phones.

Samsung responded to the leak on Twitter. The company didn’t confirm or deny the skin’s connection but instead encouraged those curious to watch the Galaxy Unpacked live stream on Feb. 11 where Samsung plans to announce the new phone models.

Thanks to Samsung’s response, fans feel the rumor is confirmed. The previous skin, iKONIK, released in a similar way, which has drawn further comparisons, only furthering the validity of the rumor.

The main talking points are the lack of “Featured” render and source. It also matches the iKONIK skin in terms of aesthetic and design, leading to more speculation.

The only way to know for sure is to watch Samsung’s presentation on Feb 11. Until then, we have to be content with gnawing curiosity.