Undertale’s Toughest Boss Fight was Recreated in a Fortnite Map

 Undertale’s Toughest Boss Fight was Recreated in a Fortnite Map

The tough boss fight in Undertale where players face off against the smiling skeleton, Sans, was recreated in a Fortnite customized map.

YouTuber Mustard Plays created the Fortnite tribute map, and you can check out his channel right here. Not everything displayed on the map is one-to-one, but it’s a close comparison where players are expected to execute every piece of the Sans Boss battle course correctly.

Some players who played Undertale may not be familiar with the fight. The only way to unlock it was to go around killing every single character they saw. When that happens, the final boss for the game turns out to be Sans, the ordinarily friendly character who gets along with everyone.

To punish the player who attempted to kill everything, Sans does not hold back. He unleashes a wave of laser beams and bones at the player at incredible speeds. You had to memorize the pattern and execute it flawlessly to survive this breakneck speed of a boss fight.

You can watch Mustard Play’s tribute video of him showing off his map and providing a guide for it below. For those who want to try it out for themselves, do not watch the video, and instead, head on over to Fortnite to use the map code 0249-6711-6008 to locate it. If you get stuck, Mustard Play’s video showing how to run through his map could assist you in solving any section you get stuck.