Fortnite New Patch Cause Resolution Issue On PS4 And Xbox One


Fortnite has received a new patch 2.4.0 that has introduced some new problems. As reported by few PS4 and Xbox One users the game is having resolution issues. The video is improperly stretched that is making it look like falling outside of the screen border. Epic Games has confirmed the issue after a short time of releasing the patch and notified that they are working on a fix.

Fortnite New Patch

Epic Games has commented on the official Fortnite Reddit account. The developer said “We are aware that some console players are having issues with resolution. Fixing this is a priority for us and we will let you know when we are ready to deploy a fix.” Epic Games said they are working but didn’t notify a time frame before a new update is released for resolving the problem.

The issue with resolution is faced by a few users only, so there is nothing to worry much, you can still update the game and in case you face the problem then wait for a while till Epic Game releases a fix for it. Another notable but less serious issue caused by the patch is related to the Blitz mode. In this mode, players can participate in a limited-time match. After updating the game you will see a quest for Blitz-mode with an error and this mode is not currently available. Epic Games updated on the Patch logs that they are working on removing this from the available quest.

Fortnite Patch 2.4.0 brings a lot list of fixes and bug resolution also, though there is some issue it doesn’t look affecting many players. You can read the full patch log in the source link below.

Source: Fortnite Patch 2.4.0 Logs