Fortnite’s Next Season Might Be Chapter 2, The End is Near


Fortnite’s Season 10 might have been a hint that Epic Games didn’t know what to do next. Fans were not the happiest with the giant death robot. Epic Games needed to recover from it, but fans did not know what to expect from the game’s next season.

However, according to Fortnite’s game page on the Italian Apple Store, the next piece of art may have leaked for the game. It’s called Fortnite Chapter 2, hinting at something much more massive than a brand new season for the battle royale title.

Let’s take a look at the image below that got tweeted out earlier this morning.

From what we can tell, we’re looking at a brand new map for the island, along with the introduction of boats. You can barely see them off to the left side of the image. We could likely see the introduction of more waterways throughout the game’s map, giving players more options to how they want to travel and how they need to think about how they build when they’re getting enclosed in the circle.

The characters standing at the front appear to be refashioned models of the current ones in-game, which hints to a new batch of artwork coming to the game. However, it likely won’t stray too far from what’s already happening in Fortnite. The creators are sticking close to the campy animation and fun-feeling of the current title.

Beyond the image, we don’t have too many details about what’s going on next for the game. Given the next piece of content is supposed to season 11, it could be a good time for Fortnite to start over again and build on what they learned from their first go-around of seasons. They had a successful series of unique battle passes for fans, with season 10 being the most painful due to the giant, game-ending robot in the middle. Beyond that, it’s been going up and up.

Hopefully, we’re going to learn more soon. We’ll have to wait for the end of the current season, which is going to happen on Oct. 13.