Epic Teases Fortnite’s Season 8 Theme


Fortnite players had better prepare to hoist the sails and prepare for stormy waters because Epic developers are hinting at the game’s theme for season 8, and it’s all about pirates. The latest comes from the game’s official Twitter page, with an image of a hook and an eerie poem.

The Twitter page also made another post earlier this morning, showing a snake rising up from the depths.

There are a couple more days until season 8 releases. However, you can expect Epic to drop additional teasers and hints regarding the new theme. If the theme goes straight to pirates, we’re probably going to see treasure chests and pirate attire. The theme could turn out to expand more to center around the sea as a whole, though. Here’s hoping for a Posieden outfit.

Season 8 launches later this week on Thursday, Feb. 28. The new season brings with it plenty of new cosmetic skins for your characters, backpacks, pickaxes, and numerous other features. Alongside all of this, you can expect a new battle pass for you to level up.