Fortnite teams up with The Mandalorian once more for new game mode

Chase down Mando’s bounty and his favorite hangout spot.

Image via Epic Games

Although Season 2 of The Mandalorian may be over, Fortnite seeks to continue celebrating the popular TV show by offering a new mode that’ll make bounty hunters out of its own players. To ensure those who join in feel more like Mando, the battle royale will also feature an iconic Star Wars location.

From now until February 9, players will have access to the Mando’s Bounty game mode, where users will need to consistently track and eliminate certain targets for Galactic Credits. Compared to the traditional battle royale mode, those in Mando’s Bounty have up to three lives and only need to collect the most credits by the end of the match to earn a victory royale.

For those who do achieve this, a new black and silver Beskar-themed umbrella will be rewarded — an item bound to skyrocket in value once the mode’s run is over. During each match, players may need to take a break to visit the map’s altered desert area, as Mando’s go-to restaurant, Kit’s Cantina, has been rendered into the game, as well.