Fortnite update 13.20 – Patch notes

Fixes and changes.


Fortnite update 13.20 is here. It contains assorted fixes and is not a massive update, so it shouldn’t take too long to download, regardless of the platform. The update contains some interesting information that doesn’t quite make it into the Fortnite Community Trello board’s unofficial patch notes. 

It would seem that a Captain America skin will be available in the Item Shop for July 4, so all patriots can strut their stuff in the game. The Flare Gun has also been added to the game. Limited Time Modes are also returning, although we don’t have any details on that until the update has finished downloading.

You can find the unofficial patch notes below:


  • Missing styles for the Specialist Pickaxe and Arroyo Pack Back Bling.
  • Rage Emote fire effect remaining on/near players.
  • Emotes playing over Main Stage music in Party Royale.
  • Sandstorm Outfit missing hair.

Battle Royale

  • Fall damage from Ziplines when landing in shallow water.
  • Epic & Legendary SMGs sometimes cannot be Sidegraded.
  • Damaging Marauders counting towards Storm Surge.
  • Chug Splash does not heal when thrown inside of a bush.
  • Supply Drops may sometimes push loot under the map.

Save the World

  • Storm King’s AOE attack leaves the map covered in a bright pink texture.
  • Softlock/loss in UI functionality when opening Llama in Llama Shop.
  • Lobber projectiles may damage players or objectives near a wall.


  • Changing between Build and Combat mode while holding down the fire button.