Fortnite update 2.71 – v12.60 patch notes

Unofficial, but at least it’s something.


Update 2.71 arrived for Fortnite today, and you might be wondering what changes it brings to the game. Epic is doing their thing and not releasing official patch notes yet, so we have drawn the below information together from the Community Issues Trello.

If you go an check out out the main Agency lobby, you will notice new pipes have been added that lead to Midas’ Doomsday Device, so it would seem that things will be heating up as we reach the start of the next season on June 4, but that is the only real hint we are getting from this update.

A new mode has also been added to Spy Games. Infiltration plays out like capture the flag, but instead of some cloth, you will be trying to get your hands on more intel. It is a small patch, and a small update, so if you were hoping for any dramatic changes as we head for the end of the season, then it is a sad day indeed.

You can find the unofficial patch notes below. Any of the issues shown were marked as green on the Trello, which means that Epic expects them to have been resolved by the update.

Battle Royale

  • Dragacorn Glider temporarily disabled in competitive playlists.
  • Riot Control Baton Pickaxe temporarily disabled.

Creative Mode

  • Presents! temporarily disabled.
  • Players may see a seam running through the middle of an island while playing on mobile devices.

Save the World

  • Exploding Deathbomb deals damage to the objective through builds
  • Black Metal Weapons do not respect self-damage amount when performing Critical Hits