Fortnite’s latest update hints at new Daybreak survival mode

Get to the choppa!

Image via Epic Games

As is often the case for Fortnite, a minor update to the game has revealed a potentially big secret. A new Limited Time Mode has been discovered in the game files, and it hints at an enjoyable activity for players to take part in.

The Daybreak mode will see players waking up on a new island, stranded there with monsters closing in fast. Players will need to battle through the monsters to collect helicopter parts that will allow them to fix a crashed choppa and then make their escape.

Things get more interesting because Daybreak has actually been mentioned in the documents from the Apple Vs. Epic trial, with Daybreak described as “an open-world simulation sandbox mode.” It is hard to know if this is just Epic having fun in court and over-describing the mode. However, it seems that Daybreak might be a bit larger, or maybe more permanent, than the average LTM.

With the recent addition of Save the World, the main Fortnite PvE mode, to the Fortnite Crew subscription service, it would seem that Epic is circling back around to pushing the PvE content after all but ignoring it in favor of the battle royale mode.

A nice middle ground between Save the World and the battle royale mode might fit perfectly into the game’s offerings, giving players something they can easily load into from the Party Royale mode with strangers or play with friends from the main menu. Exactly how Daybreak will arrive in the game, and when remains to be seen.