Forza Horizon 5’s Mexican world map revealed

This is the biggest world the franchise has ever seen.

Image via Turn 10 Studios

Ahead of the game’s release this November, developer Turn 10 Studios has revealed the world map for Forza Horizon 5. The map has already been touted as being 50% bigger than the one players raced around in Forza Horizon 4, but now it’s a little easier to get a sense of the scale of the next entry’s world.

Forza Horizon 5 is set in Mexico, with a world map heavily inspired by real locations, culture, and the environment in that part of the world. We’ve been told before that players will be able to drive from lush beaches through jungle forests, open grassland, huge cities, and even up to the top of a volcano. This map demonstrates how each of those areas is linked in what appears to be a well-realized world.

Image via Turn 10 Studios

Players have already started to pick this map apart and find roads they believe will be used for certain races. For example, the long straight highway that cuts through the middle will almost certainly be perfect for elongated races in hypercars. The windy roads leading up to the volcano, on the other hand, are far better for drift competitions or hardcore races that require precision over speed.

This is Forza Horizon 5’s map during summer, the wet season. Unfortunately, there’s no telling how it will change through each season, with more roads becoming available as rivers freeze and conditions worsen in other areas, making some roads unusable.